Technical Lead




Position Summary 

Perform daily activities associated with the manufacture of finished and semi-finished machined goods using automated and manual equipment and processes to meet end customer needs.  Reporting directly to the Shift Manager, this position provides essential support throughout to the assigned shift. The normal hours for the day shift are 7:00 am to 3:30 pm, from Monday through Friday. Overtime in addition to any overtime hours that may be planned as part of the regular shift is sometimes required.  Overtime may be scheduled as an extended workday, beyond the normal shift, and/or on weekends or normally non-scheduled time. Every employee is expected to complete a normal workday and workweek.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Support Shift Supervisor and assure smooth, consistent, and reliable production operation.

  • Working in partnership with the Shift Supervisor, to ensure safe, smooth, and efficient workflow and timely processing of orders and materials by assigning and monitoring the work of shift machinists.

  • Conduct periodic checks and formally approve work movement between operations or processes.

  • Assist with machine and employee scheduling for maximum output.

  • Monitor machines to ensure maximum quality and output.

  • Assist in scheduling employees daily work activities for efficient quality output.

  • Lead will be responsible for driving change within their area.

  • Lead by Example - Train, Coach and Counsel.

  • Provide hands-on training and consistent, regular feedback to new and experienced employees on proper machining techniques and approaches.  

  • Consistently train employees on new jobs and processes to ensure consistent skills growth.

  • Maintain close, constant feedback with the Manufacturing Manager regarding progress and status, including opportunities for improvement, and concerns. Help identify individuals with the potential for further development and growth.

  • Assist Manufacturing Manager with performance reviews, goals status and suggested areas for improvement.

  • Set-up, Adjust, and Maintain Machining Processes.

  • Using published reference materials, set-up and qualify production jobs as required to support customer needs. Identify and follow up on improvement opportunities to reduce labor, improve quality, and increase outputs.

  • Perform machining and post - machining finishing activities (polishing, deburring, chamfering, etc.) manually or with electric / pneumatic mechanical tools as appropriate for the job at hand.  

  • Conduct and review first piece and in-process inspection results to assure accuracy and adequate responses.


  • Assist with Shift Supervisor and other lead responsibilities during absences.

  • Assist in selection of new employees by participating in the interview processes and providing feedback.

  • Special projects as assigned.

Skills and Abilities

  • CNC training and competency

  • Attention to detail, accurate

  • Some degree of computer literacy, with baseline skills in ERP systems

  • Good verbal and written skills

  • Ability to work safely in a variety of situations, follow rules and established processes

Education and Experience

  • At least 20-25 years of CNC machining experience

  • Ability to set-up veritable, horizontal and lathe CNC Machines

  • Ability to train and mentor fellow machinists

  • Good communications skills

  • Ability to work independently

Work Environment 

This position is generally indoors, in a well-lighted, heated, fan-cooled production environment.  All work is primarily standing (90 + % of the shift) with the exception of breaks, lunch periods, and the occasional meeting.  Polishing and post machining finishing activities are regular and frequent, and these require a high degree of sanding, heavy polishing, and metal finishing that are combinations of fine motor activities and coarser work. The incumbent is required to regularly lift, carry, bend, move, and manage materials weighing up to 45 pounds each on a regular basis. 

This position description may be amended, changed, or added to at any time.


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